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Trailer Innovation 2019

Fière d’être la seule usine italienne à avoir remporté le prix Trailer Innovation 2019 !
WheelEasy la seule roue portante assistée au monde, a été choisie d’un jury de journalistes spécialisés de 16 importants magazines de transport européen dans la catégorie  Composants.

Depuis 2002 le prix international pour l’industrie   Trailer Innovation a été affecté à IAA Véhicules Commerciaux qui encourage des idées exceptionnelles et des innovations de produit dans le secteur de la remorque et de la carrosserie.


IAA 2018 - We will be waiting for you

From 20th to 27th September Takler will be waiting for you at Halle 26 C 32


Fête patronale

Notre usine sera fermée le 2 Juillet pour la fête patronale

Takler for the challenge of Sustainability

Takler was the official sponsor of the 48th Young Entrepreneurs Conference that took place in Rapallo Friday 8th and Saturday 9th. The event’s main theme was: “Here we are, Challenging the Unstustainable”.
The meeting was especially intended for the business and industrial community.
This year’s event focused on the challenge of Sustainability, a challenge over new eco-friendly solutions capable to make Italy more competitive and innovative; thus, a country succeeding in making the days to come easier, although difficult it may seem.
Counting on 30 years’ experience in the automotive field, Takler stands aside all those who have made their work a journey towards the future.

Congé d’été 2018

Congé d’été 2018
Du 13 au 19 Août inclus

TAKLER on NFM Magazine

Takler's new bracket on NFM Magazine
The partnership between Takler and NFM started in june 2018 in order to promote our solutions and new projects.
Stay tuned!