We carefully select raw materials and focus on every detail of the production process through our interpretation and their conception. We produce functional and resilient devices and accessories that deploy their potential during the actual utilisation. They answer to constantly-evolving international market’s requirements

Our processes comply to ISO quality management and our products are homologated according to TÜV, UTAC and VCA standards.


The actual added value in our production line comes from the human factor: our technical team can carefully answer to customers’ needs and offers innovative solutions. We work both on processes and products so that we can seek and find better technical solutions. Among the services we offer are: design and co-design, Finite Elements Analysis (FEM) and prototypes design and production. Flexibility is the core of our style, we are willing and able to face the challenges of a constantly changing demand. This is why our production line is completely automatized and we can count on more than 100 items in our catalogue.


Takler engineers design new procedures and innovative applications, always keeping their curiosity alive. This is done in collaboration with Universities, Research Centres and other Industrial manufacturers. Using high level 3D modelling software such as CAD 3D Proengineer, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros, we offer the chance to design prototypes with extreme accuracy. Our commercial offer is becoming vaster and vaster, keeping the right balance between quality and price to final customer.