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WheelEasy – WE change together

WheelEasy completely changes the idea of replacing a flat or damaged tyre and at the same time, it makes sure operators can easily go through this operation by themselves. WheelEasy (application number PCT/IT2015/000240) is the only assisted wheel carrier in the world, that unlike the others, which are normally positioned within fixed structures attached to the chassis, is equipped with a sliding assembly that allows the operator to work on his own and:

– Pull-out the wheel
– Set the tire in vertical position
– Take the wheel out of its housing and positioning it where needed.
– Put the damaged wheel back into its housing underneath the chassis

The supporting plate along with rollers and gas springs, allows a smooth handling of the wheel, so the weight of the tire will not be borne by the operator but it will be charged on the accessory only. Indeed, WheelEasy significantly reduces the necessary effort to make the wheel available for replacement, and cuts by 1/3 the required strength to lift it and by 60% the one needed to take it out of its housing. WheelEasy can count on spring locks and top blocking system which allow having maximum safety, thus complying with anti-theft and accident prevention standards. Made in stainless steel and cataphoresis-treated, WheelEasy has successfully passed 500 hours salt spray test, and its mechanical resistance has been VCA-certified at least 1.200.000 km. WheelEasy is the wheel carrier that matches with all operator needs in terms of lightness, safety, resistance and handling.


Lateral protection device is Takler’s most sold item: we offer a full range of profiles: aluminum, plastic, magnelis® to satisfy each and every customer requirement.
The universal usage of its accessories and components allows having multiple customized configurations perfectly complying with homologation rules valid in Europe and in Extra-European countries as well (North America, Asia, GCC – Gulf Council Countries).


Brackets, both fixed and adjustable, can conform to any given chassis fixing solution in order to have the sideguard correctly installed. Our adjustable brackets guarantee the opening of the lateral protection device, without bolts or pins being moved. Patented opening system keeps the whole sideguard open at 90° and 130°.


We think ladders not as a mere accessory for the vehicle but as an essential working tool.
In a recent survey concerning commercial and industrial vehicles, final users were asked about the handiest and most useful accessory in their daily working activities. 78% of them estimates the ladder as one of the components that gives the whole truck an additional quality level. Such a result led us to change our vision on the ladder throughout the whole process of design and production; our aim is to offer the market a tool making the truck more comfortable, safe and resistant.








Our aluminum bumpers meet the latest requirements as far as road safety is concerned, namely they are homologated under UNECE regulation N°58. Moreover, we produce the grey-coated series, specifically conceived for light commercial vehicles and trailers.

Load Bonding Track

In order to satisfy the market’s requests, we have implemented the flat type load bonding track along with the traditional ones. The whole range is available in zinc plated, stainless steel or aluminum, ensuring the highest mechanical resistance. Our load bonding track withstands even the toughest transport environment.

Wheel Carrier

The wheelcarrier has been engineered to guarantee the maximum resistance and reliability.
During design stage, the tests resulted in over 1.000.000 km in extreme road conditions.
A higher corrosion level has been also introduced, thanks to sealing zinc-nickel coating that avoids all corrosion points in the mechanism of unscrewing the wheel.